Magic Kingdom was the first park to be built. As time went by, this park has been turned into the insignia of this complex through its famous Cinderella Castle. The concept of this park is the magic and the closeness to the animated Disney’s movie characters. Magic Kingdom is divided into 7 fantasy countries, each one of them with its own identity, which distinguishes it from the rest. This is the park of the complex which is more like an amusement park ?though it is much more than that. Here we find many games and attractions ?Splash Mountain and Space Mountain are two of the most famous games of the park together with the Cinderella Castle.

Walking around this park, you will meet all Disney’s movie characters ?old and new ones?; you can visit their house and interact with all of them, take pictures, etc. Maybe this is the reason why kids like this park the most. The park’s population headed by Mickey up to Nemo makes kids enjoy the ride through the park and touch the characters that so many times they saw and touched on the TV screen.

Do not think this park is merely for children. There are a lot of games, among them Splash Mountain, which are for grown-ups; games in which vertigo and adrenaline are essential, and in which you can have a great time. The magic of Magic Kingdom astonishes all. Who does not want some magic in their lives?

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