Typhoon Lagoon: It is one of the two water parks that Walt Disney World complex has. The concept of this park is to plunge into a tropical atmosphere. The greatest attraction in Typhoon Lagoon is the huge 1-hectare swimming pool which is in the middle of the park. In this gigantic swimming pool, the most powerful artificial waves in the world are created. There is a special time of the day when people must leave it to leave room for surfers and let them practice this extreme sport. Imagine the power of the waves: people can surf inside a swimming pool!

But it is not all about the gigantic swimming pool. In the park there are 9 slides through which people slide at great speed and fall into big swimming pools to get cool. This is something really interesting in a state that is hot all year long.

Another attraction in Typhoon Lagoon is Humunga Kowabunga, a ship stranded in the top of a inactive volcano, due to frostbite from which three slides ending in a huge swimming pool come out. The impressive thing is that the slide is equivalent to 5 floors. Ketchakiddee Creek is a miniature attraction so that children can play and build sand castles on the small white beaches.

For grown-ups who want to relax in tropical beaches, there is Sandy White Beach, in a typically tropical environment on which you can relax, sunbathe, drink some fruit beverages or simply have a nap under the warm heat of Florida.

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