There are two ways to move around Orlando. tTe favorite ones are: vans and rental cars. Next we will introduce both options. We want to remind you that transport in the city is very important since Disney’s parks are impossible to be reached on foot.


This special means of transport picks people up from their hotel or condo, and take them to the Disney’s park they want, and then they pick them up and take them back to their place. The great advantage of this service is that you can forget about driving in a place you do not know, and you do not have to worry to find a place where to park. Besides, if you travel by yourself, the van is a great place to meet people who will be at the same place during the whole day.

Rental cars:

In order to rent a car it is important to remember the following things…

  • Fees: They can be either daily or monthly, and half of the total price is charged in advance.
  • Insurance: There is a mandatory insurance which it is always charged, though there are some credit cards which offer this service for free. However, the basic insurance covers very little and it is merely a formality. The best would be to make a momentary transfer of your car insurance to you car rental.
  • Taxes: When you make a reservation, make sure to always ask for the FINAL price, since usually they give you the price without the taxes and then you are shocked.
  • Gas: There are three ways to come to an agreement as regards gas: you can take the car with the tank full and bring it back in the same conditions; you can take the tank full and pay for the gas, or you can take the car as it is and hope to be lucky. Anyway you lose, so try not to get mad and enjoy your holidays.
  • Classification: When you book car by phone, do not do it taking into account the category; ask questions about the car. This is important since every car rental agency uses different ways to classify cars.

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