MGM Studios was the third one to be built in the Walt Disney World complex. This park has a real filming set. Obviously, the concept of the park is a cinematographic one; it would be the equivalent to Magic Kingdom without the animated movies: it shows the movies starred by flesh and bone actors, such as Captain Jack Sparrow.

During the whole tour around the park, you can find a series of attractions and shows which are outstanding. Explosions will make you feel the heat on your face and the shooting will make you tremble. All the shows in MGM are incredibly real and turn out to be very thrilling. One of the most traditional and famous is the show about the movie Indiana Jones called “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular”. This show tells the story of the movie, increasing step by step the emotion and making you grab to your seat as minutes pass by. The climax is when Jones runs, escaping form a big rock that is about to crash him.

Although the park is full of live shows, it also has games. Even though there are no many games, the few there are are really amazing. Among them, we can find one of the best games in the complex called “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror”. It is an attraction which consists of going up 13 floors in an old Hollywood building. When hitting the 13th floor, one of the sides of the elevator opens and, through a glass, you can have a wonderful view of the complex. It is all very striking and nice until, suddenly, the elevator’s doors close and the light is off, there are some rough movements and the elevator falls down 13 floors. Adrenaline cannot be greater than that inside “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror”, a game famous for awakening extreme emotions.

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