Epcot center was built after Magic Kingdom. As opposed to this one, Epcot is not aimed at magic, but at science. The park has a pedagogic and educational purpose. It is divided into two worlds ?Future World and World Showcase. Epcot Center takes us to the future world and past traditions. In the first world, we find everything related to technology. Obviously, it is not a museum where you watch things on display but you can use these things ?Star Wars’ flight simulators, virtual reality, robots, technological games and unthinkable devices for the technology we know. While seeing this world, children will get more excited than grown-ups; it would be like living inside an X box or being one of the characters of their Nintendo, Wii or PlayStation. The second one, World Showcase, is more interesting for grown-ups. The idea is to make a cosmopolitan tour through the cultures which Disney considers more important. The cultural tour, anyhow, is not too deep; actually, its strongest exponent is the restaurant of local meals in each of the countries there. The gigantic and famous globe, which is the insignia, seeks to be a combination of the two concepts of the park.

One of the biggest shows Walt Disney World offers is in Epcot center ?IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. It is a fascinating laser, firework and sound show which will astonish spectators and will make them stare at the sky.

This park, as opposed to the others, receives more visitors from 4 p.m. on, due to the kind of attractions it offers.

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