Walt Disney World complex is, undoubtedly, the most visited tourist destination in the world. This land of colossal dimensions has a series of incredible attractions, activities and shows for all ages and for all tastes. Before starting, it is important to clarify a fundamental point. Only Orlando has a complex called Walt Disney World; the other places where there are Disney parks in America, Europe and Asia have parks called Disneyland. Disneyland cannot be compared either in quality or in size, or the offers they suggest to that of Walt Disney World. This pointed out, we will begin to visit this land.

The whole area of the parks and complex areas totals 47 square miles, which is divided into 6 amusement parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. The first four are the theme parks and the last two the water ones. However, parks will not be the topic of this section, since we have devoted a special section for each of them.

Walt Disney World complex offers many activities and entertainment outside the circuits of its parks. The complex has everything and, probably due to that reason, it is the most visited destination in the world.


The complex offers many outdoor activities strolls, cycling, trekking, swimming, riding boats, etc. It is not only about doing these activities, but also it is about watching them. In the case of sports, you can watch first level tournaments which are conducted in this same place. This possibility of recreating outdoors is highly important, since there are many people who do not want to spend all the time inside the parks, queuing and going to attractions, but who prefer quite moments to relax.


Disney's visitors always want to buy some souvenirs for acquaintances and, of course, they want them to be typical Disney gifts. Therefore, in every park, besides the attractions, you can find several shops where you can acquire some very interesting and various souvenirs. The only inconvenient is price things inside the park, from gifts to beverages, are excessively expensive.


Grown-ups have their place in Walt Disney World. Many people who do not like amusements parks think they will get bored and only go to Walt Disney World to take the kids. This is not so; in Pleasure Island there is a place dedicated to grown-ups where you can find night clubs where to have drinks, and have a good and relax time. If you are going with your couple, you will find here a good place to get rid of the kids and spend some time together and quietly. If you go on your own, Pleasure Island offers you the possibility to meet people and spend a nice time.


Though you may not believe it, there are cruises. Disney Cruise Line is the float of luxury boats of Walt Disney World, which will take you in a magical journey around the Caribbean in a way that only Walt Disney World can offer. On board, activities are divided by age and to do with the family, in doors or outdoors, to do or to watch. For example, one of the most important attractions on the cruise is the Broadway-like theatrical show which is displayed on board. A journey on the sea with the charm of the wonderful world of Disney is a magnificent option for those who do not want to get limited to Orlando.


Walt Disney World complex offers you an international Spa service. In these health and beauty centers you will find everything you need to relax and get away from the stress caused during the year, and during your family vacation. Aromatherapy, massages, reflexology, cosmetics, exercises, and mud baths are some of the offers that Walt Disney World gives you in the Spa. But relaxation also has to do with activity. There are many people who cannot spend a long time doing nothing since they get bored and upset. For them, Walt Disney World offers 99 holes of professional golf so that you can train and entertain yourself, and watch high level tournaments.

Due to this and much more, Walt Disney World is the most visited tourist destination in the world. You can do almost anything you want in Orlando. Magic is within reach; you only have to know where to look for it. That is the reason why we offer you this guide, so that you do not get lost in the immensity of the park and in the great amount of offers. Being informed about the attractions, shows and entertainments outside the parks is a way to make a good vocational plan and, thus, take advantage to the most of your journey and your vacation, making them an unforgettable memory. It is not enough to get to the entrance of Walt Disney World and buy the tickets; it is necessary to clearly know in advance what you want to do when you get there.

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