Blizzard Beach is the last water park to be built in the Walt Disney World complex. As opposed to it predecessor, the concept of Blizzard Beach is not to plunge but to slide. There is not as much water as there is in the other one, since in this park you slide on rubber ring or floats until you fall into a swimming pool, which will damp the great speed crash, and cool you during the whole day. Blizzard Beach is full of slides. This is not a relaxing place as the other one; it is much more shaky, faster and restless.

The greatest attraction in this park is called Mount Grushmore. It is a 28-meter-slide which leads us through a snowy mount, until we fall into a great swimming pool after going through fast ups, downs and curves all along the trip.

It is a great park which allows us to combine high speed while refreshing ourselves at the same time. Under the powerful sun of Florida, Blizzard Beach is a nice option for those who want to have fun and escape from the heat.

We must point out that it is convenient to visit the water parks when the weather lets you. If you have a few days to spend in Orlando, it is better if you go to these parks when it is sunny ?you do not want to miss the experience of sliding and plunging into these aquatic fantasy worlds. Even though it is true that rainfalls in Orlando do not last long, it is better not to speculate about it since they are the only vacation you will have that year.

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