Animal Kingdom: This was the last park to be built. It is not only the last one but also the biggest one. It is divided into three zones: the real zone, the imaginary zone and the extinction zone.

The real zone represents real wild animal surrounded by their natural habitat. Through this sector of the park, you can do a safari park ride, and feel close to the animals and their environment. One of the attractions is an imitation of a safari round the African savannah, a really thrilling emotion. Maybe it is superfluous to point this out, but the safari consists of the ride and the pictures you can take of the animals ?under no circumstances is it allowed to hunt the animals, chase them, hurt them or get close to them. Walt Disney World is in charge of the animal's welfare.

The imaginary zone is a tour round fantasy landscapes and even more incredible animals, which, obviously, are robots. The wonder of this zone is the quality of it, since it makes us fell inside a dreamy world with the capacity to identify its flora and fauna, which any writer would envy.

The extinction zone proposes a tour round the process which took dinosaurs to their peak on the Earth and its posterior extinction. It is a very educational zone but, at the same time, it is extremely thrilling. Who wouldn't be surprised to run into a dinosaur?

Finally, we find Discovery Island, a charming place for children ?so for grown-ups. In this site, people interact with funny and exotic wild animals such as titi monkeys, lemurs and the giant Galapagos tortoises. The possibility of interacting with animals, which Animal Kingdom offers, is probably unique in the world.

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