• Many Walt Disney World’s employees speak many languages. If you cannot understand somebody, be patient; somebody will be able to speak to you.
  • In all Disney’s parks there are facilities and transport for disabled people and for babies. These vehicles cannot be taken from park to park, but there is always one in the park you go to. If you do not find it, look for an employee of the park and he will get you what you need.
  • For sure, retired people can find some ticket discounts.

  • If your ears hurt when the plane takes off or lands, please chew gum.
  • Disney’s attractions can be dangerous for people suffering from heart conditions. There are always indications. If you have a heart condition, make sure not to get into these games which are indicated or, at least, be conscious you are running a risk.
  • In Florida, temperature varies a lot during the day. During the morning you will feel cold when going to the parks, but around noon it is really hot. That is the reason why we recommend that you make the relevant arrangements not to carry a lot of clothes.
  • Have a wonderful time and do not forget that the best time is the one you really enjoy. Do not argue with people you travel with, and try to make amends without ruining the day. There is always a solution for the usual holiday disputes. We wish you a happy holiday. Thanks for trusting us. We hope we have been really helpful to plan wonderful activities in the Walt Disney World complex in Orlando.

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