Hotels: It is the best option. When you are a guest at a hotel, you can forget about having to do the dishes, doing laundry, cleaning the room, cooking and about all the household tasks, which many people find annoying and even more during a vacation. In Orlando, there is a great variety of hotels. Even though costs vary, we could say there are hotels from 50 to 250 dollars per day.

Condos: They are furnished apartments which are rented per day. Even though it is true they do not offer the facilities you find in hotels and you have to do the dishes, cook and tidy up, condos offer you the privacy you lack in hotels. But it is not only the privacy ?if you stay in a condo, you will have the chance to have friends, relatives, etc. over.

Hotels within the complex: These are the hotels within the Walt Disney World complex. These are not many and they have a great demand, so if you wish to stay in one of them, you will have to make your reservation in advance. The advantage of these hotels is that they offer discounts on the parks; they allow guests to enter an hour beforehand, they do not have to queue in the mornings and there is no need of a means of transport to go to the destination.

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