This site is aimed at the tourist who is about to visit the Walt Disney World complex. We do not sell tickets or flight tickets; we only provide a guide for the traveler and pieces of advice so that he can spend wonderful vacation in Orlando. The goal of this site is to offer you all the necessary information to make your vacation plan. What is a vacation plan? Everyone has a different way to plan their vacation, but we all make a plan, either a simple or complicated one. We will give you information about the complex, parks, transport and other things that will be very useful. Being aware of these things will allow you to orderly plan your vacation and avoid unpleasant inconvenient and annoying surprises.

It is very common that travelers already have an idea of where to go and they think everything will be great; but, certainly, lack of information causes trouble. The best is to know what awaits you in your destination, make sure to take advantage to the most of its attractions and be able to avoid all the negative things it may have. For example, when we talk about a good journey plan to Orlando, we are sure we want to include Walt Disney World complex, but we also must think of the best way to be hosted in a counter-productive place to visit the park.

The idea is that, from what is presented here, you can have an idea of what your vacation will be like in Orlando and make them your way. We will not only enumerate the one thousand and one wonders that this complex offers or the difference among the parks, but also we will give you some pieces of advice, such as: what means of transport to use during your stay. That is to say, we will help you think about the most convenient thing to do ?if you do not feel like driving, we will provide you with a comfortable way to travel which does not oblige you to sit behind the wheel; and if you do not mind driving, we will tell you how to properly rent a car.

In short, throughout the different sections that make up this site, we want to inform you about everything you will need to know to visit Walt Disney World complex ?schedules, attractions, differences, costs, pieces of advice, transport, accommodation, day, night, weather, food, etc. We perfectly know we will not be able to cover it all, but we think you will find in here a good guide, so that you will only make a few inquiries and be ready to travel to Orlando to get to know the wonderful parks that Walt Disney World complex offers.

Walt Disney World is the most visited tourist destination in the world and has millions of options both within it and in its surroundings. That is the reason why creating a clear and precise practical guide is not a simple task. We think that the best way to give you all the information is to do it through theme sections which deal with one specific topic each. Thus, we will divide the information in coherent blocks will turn allow the user, who has an advanced knowledge about Orlando and Walt Disney World, to go to the desired topic.

The complex:

In this section we will make an introduction of the Walt Disney World complex. The goal is to start to plan the activities you wish to do when arriving at the destination. As you can see, the list of possibilities seems endless and the election is mandatory ?there is no way to do everything the complex offers. However, there are different possibilities and they are aimed at different target groups; thus, making a decision will not be that complicated. We must remember that the complex wants to offer possibilities for all, and not all the possibilities for each one of us.

The parks:

It is a group of section which is made up of 6 specific sections on each park. Every park is introduced and their differences with the others are discussed. We try to express the concept of each of them, and introduce one or two of their most famous and important attractions. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we must remember that Walt Disney World has 6 parks, 4 theme parks and 2 water parks. The importance of this difference is that theme parks offer entertainment. However, water parks require a nice sunny day and suitable clothes. As regards everything else, each park is a world of fun and fantasy.


This is the section in which we discuss the different ways to accommodate in Orlando. Every one of these different ways to accommodate has advantages and disadvantages. From hotels within the complex to timeshares in the surroundings, we wan to offer you all the possibilities so that you can choose the one you like the most. Ii is important that you read this section if you have not chosen a place to stay yet, not only for us to help you choose one but also so that you can make the necessary reservations.

Transport in Orlando:

Parks are quite far from the rest of the city; walking to them is not advisable unless, of course, you are staying at one of the hotels within the complex. For those who think of staying outside the complex, transportation is very important. In this section, we will tell you the best ways to move round the city and, specially, from the place you are staying to the Walt Disney World complex.

Pieces of advice:

This section gives a series of recommendations both for the traveler to Walt Disney World and for the traveler in general. It is made up of a series of tips which will make your journey a nicer and stress-free experience.

Welcome to this site about tourism in Walt Disney World. Thank you for trusting us. We hope to be as helpful as possible. We invite you to surf this site, which has been thought for you. We wish you a very happy vacation.

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